About myrihla


Myrihla is a lifestyle and personal development blog for women that focuses on faith, mental health and self development. My intention through the blog is to create and foster a space for women to have vulnerable and impactful conversations that helps us to be the best version of ourselves

What you can expect on myrihla

Movement Monday: A fortnightly segment where I put the spotlight on women across all walks of life with the intention of providing a space to learn from these incredible women and their achievements.

Mental Health Monday: Is another fortnightly segment where I will be talking about mental health, actions that I implement in my lives and general knowledge that I’ve gained from my reading and events I attend. It is important to me that we talk about mental health across the spectrum because it is something we all have to contend with.

A Week In The Life Of Series: I am excited to launch this series where I will be trying out different things from the lives of people that inspire me and sharing the process with you. Self inventory and development is a continual process that we should all engage in. I have benefited a lot from learning about the lives of people like The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him and more currently public figures like Oprah.

Audio Journals: My audio journals are short reflections between 2 – 3 minutes where I share daily musings and thoughts.

Friday Favourites: Are posts where I will be sharing articles, podcasts, videos and books that I have benefited from during the week that I think you would be interested in too.

Lastly we have,

Books and Documentary reviews: Reading has been central to my journey and development over the years. So this blog could not exist without me sharing books I have read and sharing my thoughts on them with you all.
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