About Me

Hi, I’m Mahmoudat

Writer. Educator. Thought-Leader. 

Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba is an accounting and finance graduate from LSE. She is also the creator of myrihla, a lifestyle and personal development blog where she writes about faith, mental health and self development with the aim of inspiring people and sharing tools on how to live a life of purpose. Her work has been shared on Amaliah, The Umm Fariha Network and Islam Channel. She was featured in the Future Leader Magazine by Powerful Media 2016 and in 2017 she was voted Top Ten in The Tab’s 100 women to watch list.

Mahmoudat has also been a participant in the Oxford Centre’s Young Muslim Leadership Programme. She regularly speaks at conferences and often hosts mental health workshops. Mahmoudat is an aspiring author and  researcher who is passionate about using literature to facilitate important conversations in society.

Mission. My mission is to live a god centred life around the principles of courage, integrity, excellence, service to others and compassion. I am committed to being the best human being that I can be and using my talents to promote the Islamic principles and values that I believe can transform the world. My intention is to inspire positive change in society through writing and advocacy. 

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