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Reflections From The Week – What Does God Want From Me?

Hi everyone,

Throughout the week I post off the cuff reflections on my Facebook page. At the end of each week, I’ll be sharing the reflections on blog.

What Does God Want From You?

I’m currently doing a course by Iqbal Nasim called ‘My Muslim Ikigai.’ The general concept is around finding your ultimate purpose and making sure everything you do (work, worship, relationships etc) are in alignment. The first session was last week and Alhamdulilah I thoroughly benefitted from it. One of the first things he said that stuck with me was this,

‘When it comes to our faith – we speak in ways that God can do all things. But we lack a sense of possibility in our lives and in our vision for ourselves.’

And then another statement that I can personally attest to,

‘The problems that we have in our Salah, are the problems we have in our life. Whatever goes on in your Salah plays out in your life and vice versa.’

The final part I want to share is from a discussion on answering the question of, ‘What does God want from me?’. This is me paraphrasing but he mentioned that answering this questions starts with generalities. For example, to worship Him, to remember Him, to strive in his path etc but each person will also have a unique expression of the answer e.g. through their work. In other words, there’s a reason Allah has placed you where you are currently and given you life experiences that are unique to you. And so it’s incumbent on us to harness the gifts Allah as blessed us with as part of our worship of Him.

May be an image of text that says "Ikigai A JAPANESE CONCEPT MEANING "A REASON FOR BEING" Satisfaction, but feeling uselessness What you LOVE Delight and fullness, but no wealth PASSION MISSION What you are GOOD AT Ikigai What the world NEEDS PROFESSION VOCATION Comfortable, but feeling of emptiness What you can be PAID FOR Excitement and complacency, but sense of uncertainty"

Mindfulness In The Little Things

One thing that really caught my attention from one of Radhi Devlukia’s video is how she prays before every meal. The concept of praying before eating is not foreign to us as Muslims. We’re encouraged to say Bismillah before we start eating. But I also really love how Radhi makes a prayer of gratitude for the food in front of her and the process of how it’s arrived at her table. It’s a small action that makes so much difference in connecting us with what we eat.

It reminded me of one of my neighbours from my time in Nigeria last year. She would always thank Allah at the end of every meal and make a short dua for Allah to provide for anyone who was in need of food around the world. These are mindfulness practices that we should all try to incorporate into our lives. May Allah make us of those who are grateful for his provision and May He grant goodness to everyone who is currently in need wherever they may be, Ameen.

May be an image of strawberry and indoor

The Doors of Mercy

Whenever I find myself going through a rough patch spiritually, without fail, one thing happens. Allah opens the door of mercy for me through another means. Whatever it may be, however small it could be, an opportunity presents itself to me that truly reminds me of Allah’s attributes as Al-Wali (The Protecting Friend).

The thing about Allah is this – He will find ways to pull you closer to Him.

Never let your sins distance you from Allah. No matter how far you think you’ve gone, know that the doors of His mercy are always open.

It’s up to us whether we seize the opportunities he sends to us. May Allah swt always grant us the opportunity to return back to Him Ameen ❤

I pray that you benefited from this post and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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