My Top Podcasts Of 2020

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of the year where we start doing wind down lists. Podcasts have been a huge element of my physical and emotional wellbeing this year so I wanted to curate a list of podcasts I enjoyed listening to. Surprisingly I’ve moved away from motivational/ productivity related podcasts this year. I was obsessed with them in 2019 but overtime I got overwhelmed with the amount of information I was consuming.

This year my favourite podcasts have largely been driven by three things:

  1. Good dynamic between hosts
  2. Good conversation that feels natural and authentic
  3. Informational and insightful discussions

Here Are My Favourites

Techish: Pop culture meets technology! This podcast is incredible because of the dynamic between the co-hosts Michael and Abadesi. Their conversations are accessible and entertaining but also filled with gems that will help you in your career (regardless of the industry.) If you’re looking to learn more about tech/ current news in tech, Techish is the perfect gateway for you.

I Said What I Said: The queens of banter! Okay this is another podcast driven by the dynamics between the co-hosts. I absolutely love the direction the podcast has taken recently. The interviews are relevant, topical and cover a range of issues pertinent to Nigeria and millennials in general. Honestly this podcast is premium content. It ticks all my boxes.

Armchair Expert: Dax Shepard’s podcast with Monica Padman is my jam because I’m always here for insightful and courageous conversations. Their tag ‘ a podcast that celebrates the messiness of being human’ sums it all up. The conversations are earnest and it allows you to peek into the life of people from different walks of life. From political commentators, psychologists, professors, entertainers, politicians, some of my favourite people have been featured on this podcast. Plus, the long duration (sometimes two hours) allows you to go beyond the surface in the conversation. I like listening to Armchair Expert during my walks or cleaning the house, it’s the perfect companion.

Qalam Podcast: It’s hard to know me and not hear me talk about Qalam Podcast all the time! And I really do mean any opportunity I get. From Ustadh AbdelRahman Murphy’s incredible Heartwork series to Qalam Hangout Sessions, there is so much to learn and absorb from the content on this platform. Genuinely do not sleep on it! I promise you won’t regret it.

Honorary podcast mention goes to:

Amaliah Podcast, Iman Wire, The Diary of A CEO by Steven Bartlett, and Achieve Your Goals by Hal Elrod.

I also asked people on my Instagram to tell me what they look for in a podcast, here are some responses:

Check out a few podcast recommendations from the community in the slideshow,

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