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Making The Most of Ramadan Through Dua – Lessons From Surah Yusuf

“There is free will and there is destiny, you tell me. They co-exist. Somethings we write, some things are written for us.”

“The One Who Wrote Destiny” has two of my favourite definitions of destiny! And when I came across them, I instantly thought of Surah Yusuf (you already know how obsessed I am with this Surah!)⠀

So what does Surah Yusuf have to teach us about choices and destiny?

1. The story of Yusuf AS is the only story told in chronological order in one surah in the Quran

2. It opens with a young Yusuf sharing a dream of seeing 11 stars and the sun and the moon prostrating to him with his father Yaqub AS.

3. The unfolding events look nothing like a pathway towards Yusuf’s dream. Not only is he thrown into a well by his brothers, he is rescued then sold in a foreign land. ⠀

Which brings us to the first monumental choice Yusuf makes towards his destiny. In the face of an impossible situation (when his boss’s wife entices him to commit Zina) Yusuf makes the choice to call out to Allah through dua and fights temptation. 

He said, “My Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me. And if You do not avert me from their plan, I might incline toward them and (thus) be of the ignorant.”

So his Lord responded to him and averted from him their plan. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Knowing.”

Surah Yusuf, Ayah 33 – 34

What lessons can we draw from this story? 

4. The journey will not be easy but if we commit to making the right choices even in the most difficult moments, then the reward that awaits us is unimaginable.

5. Our life is an accumulation of the choices we make. Yusuf’s story is filled with choice after choice. It’s an important reminder that we should never see any opportunity to do good as small. Neither should we see the choice to sin as inconsequential.

6. Dua changes destiny! We are in the Holy month where Lailatul Qadr occurs (May Allah swt help us to witness it). If you are struggling with making the right choice, dig deep and see dua as the tool to overcome your challenges. Ask Allah for His help.

7. It’s never too late. What if you’ve been making the wrong choices all along? Look at the mercy of Allah swt through Yusuf’s brothers. They are a reminder to all of us that the door is never closed and we always have the opportunity to turn back and make different choices.

What if, just what if, your dua and your choices this Ramadan are what opens the door of mercy for you and alters your destiny?

May Allah swt allow us to take full benefit from this month Ameen.

I pray that you benefited from this post and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Beautiful reminders mashallah! I’ve started listening to Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s khutbas on Surah Yusuf today and I am more eager to dive deeper into the surah and unfold the knowledge and lessons to take from it in shaa Allah. Ramadhan Mubarak


    1. May Allah swt make the path of knowledge easy for us Ameen! I’m looking forward to listening to the Tafseer of Surah Yusuf he did during this Ramadan In sha Allah


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