A Vision Board Party Helped Me To Have The Best Year And Other Lessons In 2019

A lot of things didn’t end up on Myrihla this year and looking back at my journal, I realised it’s been a memorable year packed with wins, disappointments but most importantly lessons!

So here goes the series. 2019 – Moments, Reflections and Milestones

December 2018

I had a vision board sleep over party with friends and honestly it was the best way to bring in a new year. It was a first for me so when @ruqayat_xo suggested it, I was down!

The food was delicious, that chicken and jollof that @ruqayat_xo made though! My mouth is watering just thinking about it now. The night was SPECIAL and we didn’t sleep a wink (so much for a sleep over). We just talked, laughed a lot, ate good food and shared our dreams and plans with each other.  

Looking back now, the things I put on my vision board set the foundation for the year I had. December especially is a great month to spend quality time with friends and family, take note of what matters and refuel for the coming year.

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These are some of my lessons on making a vision board work for you:

1. My vision board was a scrap book with a prayer page, affirmation page, an actual vision board with pictures of things I wanted to do and achieve and a memories page. It’s not as filled in as I would have liked and because the vision page was in a scrap book, I only looked at it occasionally.

For a vision board to have maximum impact, it’s better if you have it displayed somewhere in your space where you can see it every day. Trust me, if you’re going off track, your vision board will be a perfect reminder of what matters to you, it’s a way for you to keep track of your year and achievements. And also keep yourself motivated by looking at a picture of the destination you’re working towards.

2. One thing I did differently was plan my year according to quarters and focus on habits instead of goals. It was something I remembered from a conversation I had with @zahra.zakariya years ago. I didn’t go crazy with setting 10 – 20 goals I knew I wasn’t going to achieve, instead I chose keystone habits that I knew if I focused on every quarter would make a huge difference in my life. I wanted to get more consistent with 4 habits: Morning and Evening Adhkar, Qur’an recitation, Yoga and Writing.

It takes 66 days to form a new habit and with each quarter that gives (90 Days). The first 30 days of each quarter I considered trial periods to note what was working and what didn’t work. The next 2 months I actively tracked the habit on an app that I love (Habit Bull) and I can tell you, I wasn’t perfect and some months were a mess, but I did a lot better this year with my habits than ever Alhamdulilah.

3. If you’re not one for a physical vision board, there’s a fantastic app you can try on Google Play Store, “My Vision Board” by Magnetic Lab. It’s the best one I’ve tried and I can’t recommend it enough.

All this talk about vision board and planning so I want to add a reminder that benefited me a lot this year:

“Intention is what separates habit from worship.”

So remember to always keep in mind that you are doing this for the pleasure of Allah.

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