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Audio Journal 43: Lessons From Surah Yusuf

Surah Yusuf is one of my favourite Surahs in the Quran and the depth of the wisdom in this story blows me away each time I read it. In this audio journal, I focus specially on the evolution of Yusuf's brothers and the lessons its taught me about forgiveness.

‘Kill Joseph or cast him away into some [distant] land, so that your father’s love may be exclusively yours, and that you may become a righteous lot after that. One of them said, ‘Do not kill Joseph, but throw him into the recess of some well so that some caravan may pick him up, if you are to do [anything].’ (12:9-10)

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What I love the most about Islam is that it is a religion that continuously calls us to our higher selves. What we are able to achieve during Ramadan is no easy feat but we are able to do it because of taqwa and mindfulness of Allah. As I reflect on Surah Yusuf, I am reminded of what it means to lean in to our higher self in our relationship with others especially the people that are close to us. In Yusuf’s relationship with his brothers, we are taught an important lesson about redemption and forgiveness. We are taught by Allah SWT never to close the door on people – a healthy separation might be needed while they do the work- and reminded that everyone is capable of changing and evolving. And when people change, our job is not to belittle or constantly remind them of their past and wrongdoings, our job is to open the door to forgiveness and redemption. This is what Allah SWT does for us every single time we transgress and walk far away from Him. Allah leaves the door open for us to return to Him and He not only forgives our sins, He turns them into good deeds because of our repentance. Our actions are not what make us deserving of Allah’s mercy and in the same way, sometimes for the people who have hurt us, their actions isn’t what makes them deserving of mercy and forgiveness. It is our pursuit of earning Allah’s pleasure, and mindfulness of Him that helps us to let go and let live. I pray that Allah SWT softens our heart and helps us to let go of any animosity or anger that we carry (whether justified or unjustified) so that our heart is purified and we are able to experience His love and forgiveness in the way that He wants us to Ameen.

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A brief exploration of Surah Yusuf
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