Let's Talk Mental Health

Do You Manage Your Thoughts Or Do Your Thoughts Manage You?

How much do your thoughts affect your actions?

It turns out, quite a lot! In this week’s Mental Health Monday post I’ll be sharing the Thoughts to Behaviour model that can help you to be more mindful and reprogram your brain.

In simple terms the model is this: Your thoughts lead to your feelings, which in turn drive your actions and your actions then creates results. It’s a pretty straightforward concept but here is how it can help you.

Image result for thoughts feelings actions results
Image source: Tiffany Goyer 

Most of the time we’re not quite conscious of the impact that our thoughts have on our actions. So the first step is to be conscious about this loop and especially how our body listens in to our thoughts and inner dialogue.

I am not of the school of thought that we have the power to control the thoughts that enter our mind, but I do believe we can choose the thoughts that we entertain and dwell on.

For example, I don’t particularly always feel like exercising and in the past, if I woke up and thought to myself “this is going to be too painful or take too much time” I simply wouldn’t exercise that day.

More recently, even if my initial thoughts are similar to the above, I choose not to dwell on them and I consciously say to myself “I love how exercise makes me feel” which is actually the truth! The new thought process helps me to feel more excited and happy and drives the action of getting up and exercising even if it’s just for ten minutes.

I am trying this with different things that I have struggled in the past with doing just because “I didn’t feel like it.” Understanding this loop and how everything starts with the thoughts that I choose to dwell has helped me to be more present and aware.

You don’t have to be imprisoned by your thoughts.

My mental health challenge/focus for this week is to write down instances where I haven’t felt like doing something and my response to the feeling/ thought process.

If you want to take part in the challenge, remember to set your intentions (to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT and to know your creator) and I would love to know how you found it by the end of the week!


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