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5 Amazing Dhikr Playlists To Replace Music

This is quite a light post inspired by a conversation I had this week about music. I sometimes listen to content with instruments but one thing that has been helpful for me is listening to dhikr. I particularly love Nigerian dhikr and wanted to share my favourite playlists.

Habits are best broken when there is a replacement. If you are someone that struggles with listening to music, I would advice weaning yourself off by playing dhikr and reciting along when you are doing activities that don’t require huge amounts of concentration.

I’ve also included a great thread by Nafisa Bakkar and a link to a previous post on how dhikr can help to revive our hearts.

Extract of a thread on cutting out music by Nafisa Bakkar.

Read the full thread by clicking on the tweet.
Read the full thread by clicking on the tweet.

I pray that you benefited from this post and I would love to know what your relationship with music is like. Do you listen to it? If not, how did you stop listening?

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