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Audio Journal 33: How Love Gets Lost

“My mother watched me for about two weeks. Then we had what was to become familiar as ‘a sit down talk to.’ She said, ‘Maya, you disapprove of me because I am not like your grandmother. That’s true. I am not. But I am your mother and I am working some part of my anatomy off to buy you good clothes and give you well-prepared food and keep this roof over your head. When you go to school, the teacher will smile at you and you will smile back. Other students you don’t even know will smile and you will smile. But on the other hand, I am your mother. I tell you what I want you to do. If you can force one smile on your face for strangers, do it for me. I promise you I will appreciate it.’  She put her hand on my cheek and smiled. ‘Come on, baby, smile for Mother. Come on.

She made a funny face, and against my wishes, I smiled. She kissed me on the lips and started to cry. 

That’s the first time I have seen you smile. It is a beautiful smile. Mother’s beautiful daughter can smile.’ 

I had never been called beautiful and no one in my memory had ever called me daughter. 

That day, I learned that I could be a giver simply by bringing a smile to another person. The ensuing years have taught me that a kind word, a vote of support is a charitable gift. I can move over and make another place for someone. I can turn my music up if it pleases, or down if it is annoying. I may never be known as a philanthropist, but I certainly am a lover of mankind, and I will give freely of my resources. I am happy to describe myself as charitable.” – Maya Angelou, Letters To My Daughter

I pray that you benefited from this post and I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! What tips do you have for increasing love and dealing with flaws in all kinds of relationships?

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