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Your Efforts Are Never Wasted

“Effort is never wasted, even when it leads to disappointing results. For it always makes you stronger, more capable and more experienced.” – Unknown

This week I was having a conversation with my tajweed teacher and she was telling me about her attempts to convince her son to learn Arabic. For him, the fact that he could read Qur’an was enough so there was no need to learn Arabic now when he could do it later.  A couple of minutes later he walked into the room and we had quite a hilarious conversation where I tried to convince him that it would be better for him to learn it at a young age so he wouldn’t have to spend money to learn it when he’s my age.

Our conversation continued after he left and my teacher asked about the Arabic course that I mentioned spending ‘hundreds of pounds’ on. I told her about the course, what I learnt and then mentioned that sometimes I felt like it was a waste of time because I don’t remember much. Arabic as any language, requires not just effort but persistent effort and perseverance. She stopped me in the middle of my speech and asked, “But did you learn it with the intention to improve your relationship with the Qur’an?” To which I said “Yes.” And she replied,

“Then it definitely wasn’t a waste. Time spent to develop your relationship with the Qur’an is never a waste.”

It was such a beautiful statement and there were two things that became apparent to me.  One, it’s been such a wonderful experience (Alhamdulilah) having someone stop me in my tracks because quite often I’m not conscious of the weight behind my language, even the statements that seem empty to me.  Two, I tend to think in absolute terms and I felt that it was a reminder from Allah about the power of intentions. If we do things with the right intentions-which is to please Allah- then our efforts can never be wasted even if we are not pleased with the results.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Join the conversation below by sharing your experience on something that you’ve perhaps felt was a waste of time. 

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