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Bookversations: Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi (Compromise Vs. Sacrifice In Marriage)

In this podcast, we discuss Taiye Selasi’s Ghana Must Go focusing on pride and masculinity, the immigrant experience and the dangers of comparison.

“They were doers and thinkers and lovers and seekers and givers, but dreamers, most dangerously of all. They were dreamer-women. Very dangerous women. Who looked at the world through their wide dreamer-eyes and saw it not as it was, “brutal, senseless,” etc., but worse, as it might be or might yet become. So, insatiable women. Un-pleasable women.”


You can read my book review of Ghana Must Go here. And make sure to follow our Instagram page here.

Join the conversation below by sharing your thoughts on the podcast. Have you read Ghana Must Go? If yes, how did the novel resonate with you? 

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