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Friday Favourites: My Prayers For You

“A lot of people see life as a symphony of activities punctuated by interludes of prayer. I think you need to turn that on its head and see life as a symphony of conversation with God punctuated by distractions.” – Wintley Phipps


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I feel like I keep writing about prayer in my Friday Favourites Reflections but it’s because at this phase in my life, I am leaning more and more on prayer and witnessing Allah’s mercy as I do so. An issue has been on the periphery of my mind for about two years (crazy huh?) and about two months ago, I just thought to myself, why not just pray every time this thing pops up into your thoughts. So I started. There was no ritual to the prayer but every single time my heart diverted to this issue, I would stop and make silent dua to myself knowing with full certainty that Allah was Hearing my duas because I was desperate for a resolution.

Last week,  during a phone call I got the answer to my dua and when I tell you, Allah used me in the most hilarious way to give me an answer to my own dua, I’m not kidding. I was like Ya Rabb, I see what you did there and thank you.

This week I came across a few things that I found distressing on social media and these were the prayers that came to mind.

“Ya Rabb, may we never lose hope in you and your mercy whilst you extend the rope of love towards us.

Oh Allah, make us of those whose hearts are softened by hardships, people who endure patiently and whose hearts flourish in the garden of your remembrance.

Ya Fattah, truly you are the Opener and the doors you have opened, none has the power to close. Oh Allah, open up the path to servitude for us, grant us favors and blessings just like you did the family of Ibrahim and make us of those who persevere in your path.

Ya Jabbar, the state of your servants who are in despair and pain is not unknown to you. You are the mender of circumstances and the mender of hearts, grant us strength in our journeys so that we do not become easy prey for Shaitan’s traps.

Ya Wahhab, grant us the company of those who are beloved to you. May we not be people who are heedless about death, our time in the grave and the eventual meeting with You. Ya Wadud, whoever you love has truly found the highest favor,  make us of those who are beloved to you, Ameen.”


articles ff

The Chill Times: How To Combat Decision Fatigue and Have A More Productive Week 

Guardian: Saudi Arabic seeks death penalty against female human rights activist 

WebMD: Snapchat Dysmorphia, Seeking Selfie Perfection


podcast ff

Beacon Foundation: The Dawn of Islam, Prophetic History and Qur’an Ethics By Rudolph Bilal Ware

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Pastor Wintley Phipps, Becoming The Person You Were Created To Be 


books ff

The Empathy Instinct: How To Create A More Civil Society by Peter Bazalgette

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin

Social Media


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Starting work next week In sha Allah!

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