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Friday Favourites: Do Not Drown In The Ocean Of This World

He told me several times, “Hamza, this world is an ocean, and those who drown in it are untold numbers. Don’t drown.”- Sheikh Murabit Al Hajj


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This week, Shaykh Murabit al-Hajj passed away (Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un) and we pray that Allah grants him the highest level of paradise, Ameen. Above is a quote from the advice that he gave to Shaykh Hamza Yusuf which I found quite profound. It was a timely reminder to always be conscious about my priorities and the eventual destination and meeting with Allah. When I think of drowning in the ocean of this world, I think about being consumed by desires and pursuits of worldly success at the cost of what truly matters. I think of Allah constantly offering us His guide and helping Hand and sometimes we choose to go it alone thinking that we are independent from Him. The size of the ocean will also vary depending on the state of our hearts. For someone who understands the reality and the fleeting nature of this world, the amount of time they spend underwater is not the same as someone who is consumed by the glitters of this world, submerged under the ocean. Thinking of this metaphor, the harsh reality is that only good swimmers survive in the long run. For us as Muslims, the way that we prevent ourselves from drowning is to actively work on purifying our hearts so that we can be successful and be of those that Allah SWT is pleased with.


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If you are Nigerian and you haven’t come across a video of two women insulting a famous Nigerian artist for the car that he drives, be grateful! It’s one of the most ridiculous videos I have ever watched and it’s worrying to hear that level of materialism and superficiality in people’s conversations. Below is the artists response to the video which went viral.

This week I’ve also been thinking a lot about keystone habits and the article below has a list of great ones that you might want to incorporate in your life. 

The Bank Statements: Dear Stalker

Business Insider: 8 keystone habits that can transform your life



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I have two favourite podcasts this week! If you follow me on Instagram then you will know all about the hilarious story of my mum telling me not to walk to Walthamstow before my graduation. Well I’ve graduated and decided to take the walk whilst listening to the I Said What I Said podcast. This episode is a recommended listen for every man out there! The discussion of toxic masculinity is on the ball and it was eye opening to hear the insights of the male guests. One of my favourite lines during the episode is when someone said that it’s hard for guys to sometimes ask for consent during sex because it’s awkward.  FK replies, ‘you know what’s awkward, jail! Jail is awkward. Rape accusations are awkward. Getting shunned by society is awkward.’ This episode is really a must listen!

The Baraka Boys podcast this week touches on the issue of judgement and haram police. I love the stories conveyed in this one relating to how Sheikhs would correct their students behaviour. It’s reflective of a higher ideal that we can strive towards in advising each other with wisdom and love. Give it a watch when you have time.

I Said What I Said: The consent and toxic masculinity episode 

Baraka Boys Podcast: Only God can judge me episode 


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Similar to Born A Crime, this is another second read. I initially read Americanah about four years ago and I have to say I didn’t find it memorable at the time. On a second read however, I am loving the book! The social commentary that Chimamanda weaves in especially is apt and mirrors a lot of the prominent issues that we’re dealing with in society. 

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Social Media


I was watching an interview on LinkedIn between Jeff Weiner (The CEO of LinkedIn) and Oprah when she mentioned this interview with Caroline Myss. I was blown away by her definition of God in this video and it became my video of the month for the blog. 

Make A Difference

On 20th April 2018, Georgia was diagnosed with an aggressive and inoperable brain stem tumour. Her family is fundraising to try experimental therapies that could help save her life. For Muslim readers, take advantage of the blessing of today (Friday) and donate whatever amount you can afford. May Allah bless you for your intentions Ameen! 

Help Fund The Treatment for George’s Brain Tumour

Excited About…

Spending the weekend with my family to celebrate my cousin and I graduating Alhamdulilah.

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