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Our Obsession With Neat Endings And Writing A New Chapter With Allah

Today I was reflecting on endings and how we as human beings love neat endings. Whether it’s because of films or the books we love, we like things wrapped up and tied in a bow. But truthfully how often does that happen? Our life tends to be a series of events with different arcs and twists thrown in and it can get discouraging when the ending to the ‘story’ so to speak, isn’t clear. As I was thinking about this, I remembered a point from one of my favourite series: The Prophetic Dynasty where Brother Wisam Sharieff mentions that one of the first things Allah created was the pen. And Allah commanded it to write the decree of everything until the end of time.

So whilst we don’t know the neat endings to our stories, or why we are being tested with a particular challenge, the takeaway for me is to have an awareness that the best Writer is in control of my story. Think about the story of Yusuf in the Qur’an which is the only story that is presented in one surah. From our human understanding, the sequence of events that are narrated would seem to be leading to the exact opposite of Yusuf as’s destiny. Yet Allah as the best of planners, orders these events in such a way that it leads Yusuf directly to his destiny.  To reiterate, the lesson for me is to let go of the obsession that every element of my story has to make sense right now. It is important that we all have belief and certainty in the knowledge that Allah wants good for us, after all, He is Al-Wadud, The Loving.

Know that Allah is guiding you to an even greater future and ending than you could have ever imagined for yourself because He is your Rabb, who nurtures and sustains you. Your job is to place your trust in Him and make choices that reflect that trust.

Continuing on that train of thought it got me thinking about Allah’s name as Al-Afuw, the one who forgives in such a way that he leaves no trace of the deeds. It is completely wiped off. As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I was scrolling through my diary and reading entries from three to five years ago and it was amazing to me how much I had forgotten. If I didn’t journal I would probably only remember 40% of my life experiences. Even if I wanted to record every single moment, it would not be possible. But guess who has a collection of every single thing that we do? Allah. He has it all. Everything we say, who we talked to, moments of joy, moments of sadness, everything that we do is being recorded in our book which will be presented to us on the Day of Judgement. Therefore we are all writers. With every action that we take, we are writing our life stories. And whilst you might not remember every moment, there is someone who does. Understanding this in the context of Allah’s name as Al-Afuw, isn’t it beautiful that when we turn to Allah and ask him for forgiveness, Allah not only forgives us but he erases the pages of our sins completely? It’s like tearing out a page from a book or blotting paragraphs.

But, the most humbling part for me is that every single moment that we are alive is an opportunity not only to write new stories but to completely change the stories that we wrote before. As long as we are alive, Allah reminds us through his attributes that nothing is off the table as long as we ask Him for forgiveness.

Ramadan is a couple of weeks away and it is indeed a month of transformation. It is a month where we get to write new chapters with Allah and new stories. As I mentioned earlier, everything was written before we were born, but guess what changes destiny? Dua. You have to listen to the Prophetic Dynasty series to fully appreciate the power of dua in our lives because that’s another post in itself.

May we be of those who witness this blessed month and who have the consciousness, every day to make choices and write stories that honour us and reflect our love for our creator, Ameen.

Join the conversation below by letting me know 1) An attribute of Allah that you’ve reflected on recently and 2) what your favourite Islamic books are. I’m looking for new recommendations.



  1. Ameen. And my favourite Islamic books? Subhanallah! They’re a lot. I seem to fall in love with every Islamic book that comes my way. I think my absolute favourite for now is “The Ideal Muslimah” by Dr Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi. Till today, I’ve not finished reading that book😅 because I tend to start over and over again. It’s so practical and I always one to perfect one advice given before I learn the next. Others are “Do not be Sad” by ‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah Al-Qarni; my second best favourite, “Enjoy Your Life” by Dr. Muhammad ‘Adb Al-Rahman Al-‘Arifi. Enjoy your life gives very practical advices on things you can do at every moment of your life. This book literally speaks to you and it feels like you are sitting with a knowledgeable old person gently telling you his experiences and the best way to enjoy your life.
    Well, there are so many more, but I wouldn’t want to fill up this comment section with a long list of my favourite books😂. Jazakillahu khayr sis, for sharing this wonderful reminder with us. And by the way, I’m totally falling in love with your blog😊❤

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    1. What are the odds! We have such similar tastes. I’ve got Do Not Be Sad and Enjoy your life although I haven’t finished reading either. I’m going to try and read a chapter a day of Enjoy Your Life during Ramadan. Like you said, it’s just full of so many practical advices and it’s great way to learn more about the seerah too. Aww Barakh’Allahu Feeki, I really appreciate that ❤❤

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  2. I needed to read this!! JazakhAllah Khair
    An attribute of Allah that I’ve reflected on recently is “Al-Fattah” — The Opener. The beauty of this name is that He opens doors and provide opportunities that we didn’t even know we needed! And sometimes it’s not just Essentials; it’s also in the little things that make your day much better or your revision a lot more productive or your time, more well-spent. And I realised that when I pay more attention to the things that happen to me daily, there are so many of these doors that Allah opens for me varying in sizes. Alhamdulillah

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  3. SubhanAllah! JazakAllahu Khayran for this post. Very apt and what I needed to hear.

    One of my favourite names/attributes of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is Ash-Shakur! For me I am learning that when people disappoint or I feel they don’t appreciate what is done for them, I take solace in this name that Allah is All-Appreciative

    Reclaim your Heart is one book that has put a lot of things in perspective for me, it’s not always easy to act on all the pearls of wisdom but acknowledging and taking baby steps have been worthwhile

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    1. Aww Alhamdulilah :). I love reflecting on that attribute to! It’s such a huge source of motivation when you reflect on the fact that Allah appreciates every tiny thing that we do to please Him.

      Definitely agree with your baby steps point. I’ve read Reclaim Your Heart too but honestly I feel like I rushed through it the first time 😦

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  4. MashaAllah that was a good read.

    Al -Alim, the all knowing. When I am on my musalla with worries and thoughts fluttering about in my head, he knows, and he knows how to handle them. So it’s ok if I don’t pay attention to them or things i need to do, because if they’re important he’ll bring me to it.

    Al Ghazali- on disciplining the soul and breaking thr two desires – to help me to stop buying stuff I don’t need

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    1. Barakh’Allahu Feeki :). That is such an important name to reflect on! Especially in surrendering to him. I’ll be sure to check out the book In sha Allah. I’ve been working on adopting a minimalist lifestyle recently so I feel you when it comes to buying stuff. Jazakh’Allah Khair for sharing.

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