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Have You Been Searching For Peace In The Wrong Places?

After writing in my diary this morning, I was doing a quick search when I stumbled on a diary entry that I wrote in June of 2013. It’s crazy because I honestly can’t remember what inspired me to write it, and note, not all of my entries are like this – most of them tend to be a collection of random things that happen to me throughout the day. But it was exactly what I needed to read this morning so I decided to share it here.
‘Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace.’ I remember reading this verse and pondering on what it meant. If you’ve ever read the Quran you’ll understand that one verse can have layers and layers of meaning apart from the literal translation. A few months after, I fully understand this verse and it makes me smile every time I remember it.
One of the attributes of Allah SWT is As-Salam the giver or the source of peace hence it’s a logical inference to state that remembering the source of peace gives the individual peace. Now there’s something called the falsification test which allows you to test the contrary of a statement and see if the statement is still true. Some might argue that peace can be attained from different sources. For example, you might be at peace while listening to music and I’ve tried this. One day if you’re worried about something or feeling anxious, try listening to music and try offering a dua or remember Allah by reading the Quran and see which one gives you a more permanent peaceful feeling. The thing with using other sources aside from Allah to attain peace is that the peace you get from other sources is temporary and fleeting. What’s worse you often have to go back again and again to get that peaceful feeling. For example, if you’re sad or particularly angry about something and you listen to a song, what happens is you have to replay that song to get the feeling again because it only lasts as long as that track!

There are lots of occasions where I’m coming home and I’m listening to Surah Ar Rahman and my heart feels a peaceful feeling that Subhan Allah I can’t describe!

Or that feeling you get in Ramadan. You know when I was young, for me the purpose of Ramadan was always that I was fasting in order to understand the feeling of hunger and to appreciate Allah’s mercies more. But now I understand that the prescription of Ramadan in itself is a blessing and a mercy from Allah. Denying yourself food and hunger aids your submission and strengthens your remembrance of Allah. Particularly if you’re constantly reading the Quran during Ramadan and pondering over its meaning. This year’s Ramadan I understood the meaning of this verse because nothing of worldly matter was significant. All I wanted was to be alone to read the Quran and remember Allah more and more. Remembering The Creator gives you a sense of peace and security that no other source can give you. I guarantee that. Remembering Allah keeps you steadfast and focused on the true goal: Jannah. Constantly remembering Allah in itself is a form of guidance.

I pray that Allah SWT enlightens all of us and gives us the ability to understand and comprehend the Quran. And more importantly to implement the message of the Quran in our lives.

Join the conversation below and let me know what your favourite part of Ramadan is. 

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  1. My favourite part of Ramadan is iftar.
    And I don’t mean because of food 😂. It’s because it brings the family together. My family does not eat together. But during Ramadan, We all sit together watching isha and taraweeh prayers in Makkah on the TV and my dad tells us stories of what he saw and witnessed during his hajj. It’s so beautiful. And even when we get invited to iftar dinners, being and eating with people that share the same faith as you is so peaceful. Its the one time that you are certain that you are sitting with those that Allah loves.
    The Qur’an verse that you quoted is my absolute favourite. I’ve made quotes of it, written it down countless times, all because of one thing -it reminds me that no matter how difficult it gets worshipping Allah, I’ll never find peace anywhere else except with Him. Jazakillahu khayr for sharing this wonderful reminder with us. May Allah keep us steadfast on His path. Ameen.😊

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    1. Aww that’s wonderful! That’s a great tradition to have especially during Ramadan. And eating with others too. Some of my favourite memories of Ramadan are Iftars with friends. Ramadan is just a special month all round. And in regards to the ayah, absolutely! I think Allah always places us in situations that draw us back to him and his remembrance. Allahuma Ameen. Thank you for sharing ❤

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