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Book Review: The Wrong Side of Goodbye By Michael Connelly


Harry Bosch is working as a part-time detective in San Fernando, outside of Los Angeles, when he gets an invitation to meet with ageing aviation billionaire Whitney Vance. At eighteen, Vance had a relationship with a girl called Vibiana Duarte, but soon after becoming pregnant, she disappeared. Now, as he reached the end of his life, Vance wants to know whether there is an heir to his vast fortune. Bosch is the only person he trusts to undertake the assignment.

The Review 

Michael Connelly is an incredible crime writer and I have always been a fan of his work! This book is no exception. I picked it up because I wanted a light read for my commutes to uni and it was filled suspense and intrigue. In the book, Harry Bosch is tasked with two investigations. One as a private investigator relating to an ageing billionaire who wants to see if he has an heir. And another as a part-time detective in San Fernando relating to a rape case. Usually, I tend to be wary of concurrent stories in one novel because of the potential for it to get confusing but this was executed well. Michael Connelly is able to get the reader emotionally invested in both stories and it’s definitely a page-turner. Side-note: The Harry Bosch books are in a series, and I wasn’t familiar with the backstory of his character leaving LAPD, which comes up quite often in the book. That aside, this can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Top Three Quotes 

“Politicians could talk about building walls and changing laws to keep people out, but in the end, they were just symbols. Neither would stop the tide any more than the rock jetties at the mouth of the port did. Nothing could stop the tide of hope and desire.”

“He knew that in his internal universe, there was a mission etched in a secret language, like drawings on the wall of an ancient cave, that gave him his direction and meaning. It could not be altered and it would always be there to guide him to the right path.”

“It had been Bosch’s experience that when you looked back at a life, you used a magnifying glass. Everything was bigger, amplified. A college tryst could become the love of a lifetime in memory.”


✯✯✯✯- Hooked

Guide to Book Review Rating
✯ – Meh
✯✯ – Read at your own risk
✯✯✯ – Hit and Miss
✯✯✯✯- Hooked
✯✯✯✯✯- Life Companion. Thank me later!

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