Dhikr – Remembering Allah To Bring Our Hearts To Life

There are many virtues and benefits to doing dhikr, one of which is that, dhikr is one of the eight gates of Jannah. Of particular benefits are morning and evening duas which are recommended for us to read. Whilst I haven’t necessarily got it down pat, I have been trying to make them a consistent part of my daily routine.

Lately, I have been listening Islamic lectures in Yoruba, which is my native language because I find that it brings a different dimension to my understanding of things. And it genuinely makes me reflect on the blessings of being bi-lingual. I can listen to a lecture in Yoruba saying the same thing as it would in English translation but it conjures completely different images and resonates in a unique way.

Anyway, I have also been enjoying Dhikrs which infuse Yoruba into the Arabic and I’ve linked all the videos below. You would be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate dhikr into your life. Morning dua/dhikr takes 15 minutes to do! That’s time that we all easily waste on social media so take advantage of the benefits and rewards that are on offer. The other ways I’ve been incorporating dhikr is when I’m on commutes or on the rare occasions that I’m cooking, I’ll play the long ones. In addition, sometimes when I am on a break from studying or whenever I feel stressed, I resort to listening and reciting along.

Dhikr has honestly been something that has been giving me so much joy lately and you have to try it to understand what I mean. It not only acts as a shield for us, it brings us closer to Allah through remembrance and it is a means for inner peace and happiness.

Do check out some of my favourites below and let me know if there are any dhikr videos or playlists that you benefit from that I can check out.

My Top Three Dhikr Videos

Arabic + English

Arabic + Yoruba

Beneficial ones but with instruments 

Arabic + Yoruba

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