The Power Of Words: How We Create and Shape Our Realities Through Them

I came across two quotes recently that reminded me of why I believe in the power of writing and story-telling. I wanted to share it on the blog as a reminder for myself and for my readers. Do you agree with the ideas below? Share your thoughts and reflections with me in the comment section.

“Beware the stories you read or tell: subtly at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world.” – Ben Okri

“You can put some words together and make people want to go to war. You can put another few words and make them long for peace. Words are so important. And this is what you take to God…words…you may not frame them, but God knows your heart. So when you go down on your knees, or in your bed, or riding in a car, and you pray, you’re using words. “I’m lonely. I’m hungry. I’m lost. I’m in pain. Help.” Whatever your words are, they are words, they inform not only God but anyone around you. How you really feel.” – Maya Angelou

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  1. I agree with the quotes as well because it is important to choose your words carefully. Words are too powerful as they can either inspire someone or hurt someone really badly


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