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Once Upon A Time, I Stayed Up All Night To Download An Album

Roughly ten years ago, two of my favourite artists at the time collaborated to create a joint album. Being a huge fan, I remember thinking that night, *in Nigerian accent*: By fire by force, I must download this album tonight. So I got to work. From the title of this post, you’re probably thinking how in the world did it take all night to download an album? Well, you probably didn’t have the internet connection that I did at the time. This thing was slower than a snail and each song took almost thirty minutes. Before I knew it, the sun was rising and it was morning. Every time I think back to that night, I just start laughing because I could have just gone to sleep and finished downloading the songs the next day but No I was so committed to finishing the process, that sleep did not matter.

And the reason why I’m telling this story is to show what’s possible when you are motivated by and committed to something. I love sleeping, so much so that I genuinely don’t know where last week went because I slept through most of it. I am not kidding! But once in a while, I stumble on something that I am so passionate about that will get me asking myself, what is sleep?

I’m not advocating for you not to get your 6-8 hours of sleep in, (I most certainly do), but the point that I’m trying to make, is that it’s important to find that thing that gets you motivated and excited to jump out of your bed in the morning. When you are connected to a goal emotionally, your body responds to that. Which is why you might find yourself waking up automatically without an alarm clock because whatever it is that you want to do means a lot to you.


Find that thing in your life that makes you excited every day!

P.S: I can safely say I haven’t stayed up to download any album ever since and it’s so weird that I can’t stand those two artists anymore.

This is a series chronicling my final year at uni. If you’ve benefitted from this post, please do keep me in your prayers.

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