Spotlight: The Earth Is My Being Spiritual Retreat by SEKEM Retreat

The Earth is My Being is a three-day retreat at SEKEM Farm which involves teachings; practices such as dhikr, meditation, contemplation, and reflection. This retreat is focused on discovering our basic connection to earth and water in order to develop and strengthen a balanced and unified approach to living, understanding, realising and manifesting the completion of Being.


Recovering the Sacredness in Nature and Self as a Commitment to Unity (Tawhid). Image from  Sekemretreat


The relevance of the theme for the retreat is the need of the day for humanity to awaken to a sense of oneness not only with fellow human-beings but with all of creation. The general dystopic condition of our world on all levels is a symptom of the disease of hyper-individuation that marks a selfish and non-empathic attitude towards life and creation. From the present ecological crisis to challenges that we face on personal, social, political, religious, economic, and even bio-medical levels are a result of the dismembered body-mind-soul-spirit entity. In order to reclaim our wholeness, we need to begin with redefining ourselves. Additionally, the importance of such an event is to build bridges between cultures and traditions and working to establish the Message of Unity which is the Muhammadan legacy.


earth soil
The sacredness of soul & soil. Image from Sekemretreat


You can find more information about the retreat and how to register on the website here. 

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