Audio Journal 16: Who Do You Think You Are?

This audio journal is inspired by Chude Jideonwo’s ‘The Daily Vulnerable’ Newsletter which I absolutely love!  It’s a deeply personal newsletter where he shares things we are often too afraid to talk about – fear, weakness, failure, disappointment and insecurity.

The Newsletter

How dare you?

Sometime in 2017, a member of my team was rude to me, quite deliberately. He wanted me to know he was disrespecting me. It was the only way to express his dissatisfaction with something I had.

“Did you just do XX to me, for the second time?” I asked him.

“Yes, I did.” He replied.

I was livid.

How dare he? I mean, like we say in Nigeria, from where to where? I was Chude. I had acted properly, done what I should have done and said what I should have said when a team member ‘mis-acted’. I had been a chief executive for 12 years. I had built this company from the ground up. I had brought him into it, and invested my life, my passion and resources into building him up. I deserved his gratitude, and not his disrespect. If he wasn’t working with me and he saw me on the road, could he even walk up to me and say anything? For God’s sake, I just got back from Yale?! Did he think we were on the same level, in any way? How could he disrespect me, and so openly too?

And then, after my spirit had regained control, I stepped out of myself.

Who was I that I could not be disrespected? Who was I that I could not be held in disdain?

What am I that another human being cannot do or say to me what human beings say and do to each other?

My Audio Journal

Watch Chude talk about the Newsletter below and you can sign up here.

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