The Single Mothers That Made Men – The Role of Women in the Lives of Four Imams

Women have been instrumental in the growth and development of Islam. The first person to accept the message of Islam was Khadija (May Allah Be Pleased With Her), the wife of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Khadija devoted her life and resources to helping the Prophet in spreading the message of Islam. There are many more women like Khadija in our history, yet when we hear about the Heroes of Islam, rarely do we acknowledge the sacrifices and the presence of women in that history.

This article particularly focuses on the contribution that single women have made in shaping some of the men that we currently laud and revere. On a cultural and societal level, the label of being a single mother is often used to shame women. However, in the examples of the mothers of Imam Bukhari, Hanbal and Shafi, we see the way that these single mothers were visionary and ambitious women who moulded their sons. We cannot fully appreciate the lives of these Imams without considering the impact their mothers made in their lives.

You can read the full article on Amaliah here.

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