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Free Riding

A class that I have on Fridays at 9 am was rescheduled to 9 am this morning. In a class of fifteen, only four people turned up.  Mostly because everyone knows the teacher has other classes lined up during the day (at least 4 by my estimate) they can switch to at more convenient timings.

Most people hate small classes, especially when you have a seminar that is primarily based on discussions. It’s easy to free ride if there are more people in the class and there is less pressure on you to contribute because other people are present to shoulder the discussions.

I’m not going to lie when I saw that there were only four people in class this morning, my immediate thought was ‘Of all the classes for me not to complete my readings for! What are the odds that today is the day no one turns up. Just my luck.’ But it ended up being a brilliant class and I managed to contribute more than classes that I’ve been completely prepared for. As my teacher mentioned at the beginning of the lecture, ‘We were getting an Oxford Style teaching today.’ Oxford and Cambridge are known for their one to one tuitions. The format of the class – which I loved- got me thinking about my learning style and the kind of environment that I thrive in. Based on how much I enjoyed today’s class, I think I do prefer more intimate settings. Yes, there is more pressure but it helps you to learn better. You’re able to think out loud a lot more, challenge information, and do more quick-thinking. The focus really is on you. Today was also my last class for this module so I’m glad it finished on a good note.

This is a series chronicling my final year at uni. If you’ve benefitted from this post, please do keep me in your prayers.

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  1. This post reminds me of one of my teachers back in school. She always told us to sit right at the front of the class. I’ve always followed her advice whether at a learning class or a general talk or seminar and it’s always been beneficial.

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