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Showing Up Is Half The Battle

Coffee Misadventures -yesterday’s post- was written because of a Management accounting essay that I submitted in the morning. I can wholeheartedly say it is the worst essay I have ever written and at some point on Thursday, I was seriously tempted not to hand it in. Afterall, it was just a formative essay that would not count towards my final grade. I had been working on it at the beginning of the week, researching and trying to understand the topic to no avail.

Sidenote: Just because you understand something in class doesn’t mean you actually get it.

Mid-week I teamed up with a friend and we spent two hours working on it together, happy that we came up with a plan that seemed to answer the question. We emailed the teacher to clarify a few things and got a reply that in some parts indicated we were on the right track but our initial assumptions were wrong. Back to the drawing board, it is. You ever reach that point with an essay where you can’t even look at it anymore and your well of inspiration has dried up? Yep, that’s where I was.

I redrafted the essay but a part of me knew it wasn’t up to scratch. Two years ago, the perfectionist side of would have never handed that essay in. Why give in a piece of work that I wasn’t satisfied with? But last year, I decided that one of my life principles would be to always show up. Regardless of the outcome or circumstance, I promised myself, I would always show up and use every opportunity for feedback and to learn. It’s easy to show up when a result that you like is guaranteed, but showing up in the face of disappointment and failure, that takes grit.


Show up even if there is the possibility of failing.

This is a series chronicling my final year at uni. If you’ve benefitted from this post, please do keep me in your prayers.

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