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Coffee Mis-Adventures

As I mentioned in the first post, I had the idea for this series about a month ago. Credit for the eventual surface of this series can be attributed to coffee and the fact that I was up at night yesterday.

First, let me take you back to last summer. During exam season as far as desperation goes, I was desperate.  Being the kind of person that needs eight hours of sleep, in my desperation to stay up  I decided to try the popular drug of choice for all students: coffee. Mind you, up until that point I rarely even had tea. Green tea if I was stretching it, but coffee and tea were never part of the equation for me. So my dad got me flavoured coffee and the journey began. And it only lasted five days.


It was arguably the most ineffective thing I could have ever done. Yes, I managed to stay up at night to work but during the day (when I’m usually the most productive), I was battling with severe headaches. At one point, I was getting tremors in my hand the day after so I decided to stop.

Later that summer I was having a conversation with a friend and I can’t remember what the conversation was about, but we somehow got unto teaspoons and tablespoons and I remember just saying out loud, ‘Oh my God, I was using a tablespoon!’ Thinking I was using a teaspoon – remember I mentioned I was desperate- I decided I would have two or three even though the package recommends one. The funny thing is, a tablespoon (which I was using) is the equivalent of three teaspoons and I was drinking two to three tablespoons of coffee within the space of a few hours. So of course, I was getting headaches and tremors because I was consuming too much! Honestly, sometimes I wonder how I got into LSE.

Back to the present where I had an essay to finish last night. In my defence, I had spent a considerable amount of time working on it (I never want to hear the word contingency again in my life) and I decided to have coffee just to stay awake past my normal time. Don’t worry I did use a teaspoon this time but even then, I couldn’t sleep after I finished the essay.  As someone who complains about sleeping too much last night really did remind to be grateful for sleep. This is what I wrote in my memo whilst I was awake,

“I guess we have coffee to thank for the fact that I’ve actually started this series. Coffee will never be a staple in my life. I’m accustomed to feeling tired and going to bed. This zombie sensation I’m feeling is not great. I just want to fall asleep. I feel physically and mentally tired but I can’t sleep. I don’t know how people do it?” 

Anyway, I ended up spending time on YouTube, getting bored, doing my to-do list which included this and sleeping for two hours before Fajr. Drinking coffee will definitely not be an everyday thing for me. But on days when I need that extra time, it might just be my go to.

This is a series chronicling my final year at uni. If you’ve benefitted from this post, please do keep me in your prayers. 


  1. Really interesting, I think most students can relate to the panic that exams and deadlines cause, but why is it that we never learn to do our work gradually and procrastinate till the last few days of the deadline?? Wallah I doubt I’ll ever learn not to put work off, who knows maybe we just enjoy the drowning feeling we get from work overload 0o

    Please keep writing MuslimGirlJournal, I pray Allah keeps you in the best of eman inshallah XXX

    Liked by 1 person

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