10 Black Muslim Women Currently Rocking The YouTube Space!

Whilst we’re on Black Muslimah Excellence, I wanted to share with you a list of Black Muslim Women who are currently shaking up the YouTube space with awesome content.

Hoda Yusuf aka Blissfullsoul is an Author, Public speaker and founder of Blissfullsoul. She is a lifestyle blogger who shares knowledge and inspiration on creating your dream life. Without a doubt, one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram, be sure to check out her page here and her lifestyle design book here.

I could not stop smiling when I stumbled on Nafisa’s channel because her content is incredible! A Muslim woman with a passion for Islam and personal development, Nafisa’s channel features motivational and personal development videos. Make sure to check her Instagram account here.

Hafsah Dabiri is a Muslim, black female Television and radio personality from London who provides current, inspiring and relatable content. Her introductory video below is one of my favourites and gives you an insight into what she has to offer through her channel. Hafsah also recently spoke about the situation in Libya on her Instagram page, using the medium to clear misconceptions surrounding the issue.

Nimah aka nimtendo_x  is a creative consultant, photographer and someone that I consider a breath of fresh air in the creative scene. She runs Brimah and John (a creative consultancy) and produces MKTB (digital magazine) & MNTQ (podcast). You can find vlogs, lookbooks and general lifestyle videos on her channel.

Hauwa Indimi is new on the scene but her content is great! Her channel features vlogs curating her travels around the world as well as general lifestyle content.

I just stumbled on Hafsa Montana’s channel recently and she is absolutely hilarious! Check out her channel for funny skits.

If you’re a student and a Hijabi that is into fitness, then Sawda’s channel is definitely for you! Her content ranges from advice and lifestyle videos to vlogs.

Maryam’s channel is quite fun and features get ready with me videos, vlogs and content on her experience as a law student.

Qamara aka HijabiHybrid is a photographer who shares vlogs on her channel. She recently started a series on marriage with her husband where they’ve touched on topics such as red flags, and how you know you’re ready.

Najma M is a lifestyle vlogger who shares a lot of story time videos on her channel. She also speaks on topical issues and some of her content has touched on Hijabi YouTubers and Being Black and Muslim.

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  1. Subhallah, may Allah reward you sis for featuring me and other black sisters on this vlog, I can’t even put it into words but may Allah reward you abundantly. Inshallah I’ll check out the sisters too and I can’t wait to read more of your content inshallah. XxX

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