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Spotlight: Black Muslimah Excellence (A campaign by Najwa Umran)

A year ago I wrote one of my first Let’s Talk posts on the issue of Colourism and Anti-Blackness in the Muslim Fashion Industry/ Blogging sphere. Looks like nothing has changed considering that the latest modest fashion event under scrutiny is the Dubai Modest Fashion Week.

The criticisms inspired Najwa who is the founder of Female Muslim Creatives to start the hashtag #BlackMuslimahExcellence as a way for people to showcase Black Muslim creatives who inspire them! I am so here for this campaign, and make sure to check it on Instagram. Below are some of my favourites.


Black Muslimah Excellence

  1. Najwa: Founder Female Muslim Creatives
  2. Ladan Takow: Human Rights Activist and Founder of Takow Network
  3. Reckless Rai: Lawyer and Podcaster at MostlyLit
  4. Barakah: Creator The Barakah Lifestyle Tribe
  5. Nimah Yahya: Creator of Brimah and John and Podcaster at MNTQ
  6. Sairayah Bah: Poet, Writer and Producer of Black and Muslim in Britain
  7. Pearls of Islam: Brain Behind ‘The Rabbani Project’ and Extraordinary artists
  8. Haneefah Adam: Creative Visual Artist and Creator of Hijarbie
  9. Naima B Robert: Writer and Founder of Sisters Magazine
  10. Nadirah P: Comedian Extraordinaire
  11. Sumia: Poet
  12. Hafsah Dabiri: Presenter and Content Creator
  13. LaYinka Sanni: NLP Practitioner and Founder of Evolve & Emerge
  14. Zahra Zakariya: Life Coach & Founder The Umm Fariha Network
  15. Suad Kamardeen: Writer and Blogger
  16. Aicha Tales and Turbans: Blogger
  17. Hijabihybrid: Photographer
  18. Naeemawrites: Writer and Content Creator
  19. Eman Idil: Journalist and Designer
  20. Asma El-Badawi: Poet and Basketball Player
  21. Halima Jama: Photographer and Writer
  22. Farhiya Jama: Photographer and Artist
  23. Khadija Abdel-Hamid: Social Entrepreneur and Director Speak Dreams
  24. Muhsinat Kamardeen: Writer and Blogger
  25. Halimat Shode: Founder of Black Muslim Times UK
  26. Hameedah Salaudeen: Blogger and Photographer
  27. Oyinkansola Momoh: Founder Muslimah Style Guide
  28. Samiah Oyekan: Founder Gifts Source and Fusion Lifestyle
  29. Ray Sketch: Artist
  30. Muna Ally: Documentary Photographer
  31. Sekinat Sanni: Personal development advocate and Fashion Blogger

Do get involved with the campaign on your social media sites and let me know some of your favourites! #BlackMuslimahExcellence

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  1. I am shocked! Was honestly hoping things will be better this year considering all that happened last year! Thank you for the feature sisto! You Inspire me! Barakallahu Feeki 😘😘😘…
    The hashtag won’t slide.

    Liked by 2 people

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