Audio Journal 3: What’s Better Than One Superstar? Two. The Problem With Our Scarcity Mindset

Midyear, I remember watching a Periscope  with Mattie James and her sister Maya who were answering questions from their followers. One of the most common questions had to do with self-doubt, especially when people were starting things that other people were already doing. For example, someone who wants to start a fashion blog thinks to themselves why start one when so and so already exists and is doing similar things.

In the Periscope, both Mattie gave an example that I will never forget about McDonalds, Burger King and KFC doing the exact same thing, to illustrate that there will always be an audience for your product! My audio reflection today is on the topic of abundance and how there is space for everyone to succeed.

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  1. This is an interesting topic. Oftentimes, I think the issue isn’t the fear of starting something new. Rather, it’s the fear that once started, it will never be a good as so and so. It’s purely a confidence issue. Once people get used to the fact that no two ideas, no two projects will be exactly the same, it’s easier to realize that they’ll be catered to their own audiences, no matter how similar or different they may be. I think, with this understanding, it gets easier (and more fun) to add your personal touch and not just copy exactly what someone else is doing. It’s why I love to see individuality in someone’s work.

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