You Can’t Pray And Worry At The Same Time. A Reflection on My First Open Session With Aida Azlin.

I have been Aida following for quite some time so when she mentioned that she was going to be in London and host an open session I knew I had to be there! I didn’t really know what the open session was going to be like but if the space was anything like the one Aida has created through her Tuesday Love Letters and The AA Sisterhood on Facebook, I knew I was in a for a treat! I can safely say the session surpassed all expectations.

We are all bearers of stories.

I won’t share details of the conversations that we had but I was truly humbled to be in a non-judgemental and spiritually uplifting space. You had to be there to experience the magic of that gathering! It was also great to meet people that I’ve connected with online and to be in a space of healing and good hearty conversation. It is a testament to Aida’s hard work over the years in creating a community of women who love Allah and are striving for the best both in this world and the Hereafter.

Honestly, one of the best things you could do today is to subscribe to Aida’s Tuesday Love Letters here.

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