Spotlight: What You Can Do To Stop Ofsted Questioning Muslim Girls About Hijab by Amaliah

This week Ofsted announced that school inspectors in England will be questioning Muslim girls in primary school who wear Hijab. Amanda Spielman who is the Head of Ofsted argued that the recommendation was aimed at tackling situations in which wearing a Hijab ”could be interpreted as sexualisation.”

This absurd recommendation has generated outcry from the Muslim community and I for one believe that it’s important to challenge what is blatantly an action that singles out Muslim girls for an expression of their faith.

Amaliah is currently creating a video campaign on the issue and you can get involved using the information below.

  • Record a landscape 30-second video on your opinion about the policy
  • Say hashtag #handsoffmuslimkids at the end of the video
  • Send to by 8 pm.

Other ways of challenging this recommendation include writing a letter to the Chair of Ofsted, your MP and urging school governors and your local head teachers to do the same. For guidance and advice on how to do this, make sure to check this article on Amaliah.

Lastly, below is a powerful video by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan on the issue. Give it a watch and do get involved.

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