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20 Self Care Practices That Cost Nothing

I came across a tweet this evening written by @msdeonb which got me thinking about inexpensive self-care practices. Check out my top 20 list of self-care practices that cost you nothing below.

  1. Read your favourite bookChimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus will always be the one.
  2. Yoga / MeditationA good yoga session will have your body saying thank you. Free apps anyone? Take advantage! 
  3. Hot Bath 
  4. Go For A WalkLiteral lifesaver. Just try it and thank me later.
  5. Writing/ JournallingMy blog isn’t titled MuslimGirlJournal for no reason. Lately, I’ve been quite lazy so audio journals it is. 
  6. Catch up with friends I’ll take a good soulful conversation that lights my soul on fire any day! You know when you speak to that special friend and your world just feels brighter, yes, do that.
  7. Turn off your phoneSeems like mission impossible in this day and age but I believe in you. You can do it. I’m Miss I can’t get a hold of you so I have this down pat.
  8. Take a napSleep solves a lot of things.
  9. Write a gratitude journalInstagram baby videos always gets me in the mood on everything, I have to be grateful for. Baby joy is honestly the best! 
  10. Get creative: maybe make a collage. (I’ve been having a lot of fun with creating collages lately. Shout out to my mum for the free printer.)
  11. Ask for what you need 
  12. Watch the sunset or sunrise This one is for all the nature lovers out there.
  13. CookOne of my favourite ways to de-stress. 
  14. ExerciseA good YouTube work out does wonders believe me! PopSugar YouTube channel is currently my saving grace. 
  15. Say NoWhat you want matters and as Iyanla says you can’t pour from an empty cup. Saying No rolls off my tongue with such ease now and I’m all the better for it. 
  16. Declutter your spaceA clear space is the path to a clear mind.
  17. Pick one thing that you need to do and get it done so it’s off your mental “to do” listThis is for all the procrastinators out there. The mental baggage of that task you haven’t faced can sometimes be the greatest source of your worry. Trust me, I know. Been there, done that and ticked the box.
  18. Tell someone you love what you appreciate about them. – Surprising messages or emails are the best. Making other people feel good has the same effect on you. Acts of service have the power of getting you out of your head.
  19. Write something encouraging on a post-it noteSmall task, huge reward! There is power in choosing the thoughts we want to dwell on.
  20. PrayTurning your anxieties and worries to God can sometimes be the greatest release. 

My top three self-care practices would be long walks, reading a good book and praying.

Let me know what some of your favourite self-care practices are below.

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