Spotlight: MNTQ Podcast by Nimat and Sawda (Is Race A Social Construct?)

I am loving the influx of content being created by Black British Muslim Women lately. Talk about Black Girl Magic and Muslim Girl Fire! It’s amazing to see people creating spaces for conversations that are both deep, light hearted and educational.

My spotlight today is on MNTQ – meaning “It’s The Spoken Pod”- a podcast hosted by @nimtendo_x + @sawdasays. It is produced by Brimah and John, a creative consultancy which aims to support and encourage creatives and brands within minority and diverse ethnic groups.


MNTQ is the latest product from the company which also creates MKTB, a digital magazine for creatives. In the fifth episode below featuring special guests Saraiyah Bah and Neimo Askar, the team discuss issues around choosing your race *cough cough Rachel Dolezal* and the privilege of some races over others.

The format of the podcast involves for and against arguments to the question which helps to create a balanced discussion. Plus, it’s quite fun listening to them sometimes defend positions they don’t personally believe in. Check out the fifth episode below and give the extra video a watch on YouTube as well. It definitely had me cracking up this morning!

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