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Reflecting On Our Privilege As British Muslims And How You Can Help The People of Mogadishu

“British Muslims are the most privileged Muslims on Earth.”

Last week I was at a halaqah at uni and the speaker said something that I don’t think I’ll forget anytime soon.  In speaking about our privilege as British Muslims, he said:

I fear that a day will come when we will look back and think what did we do with all we had?

And it hit me because there’s truth to the statement. This is not to diminish some of the struggles that we face and are currently challenging, but relative to the rest of the world and even Muslims in other European countries, British Muslims are privileged. Just this month, Austria banned the face veil in public settings, in China Islamophobia is on the rise and in Burma, we are having to watch our Muslim brothers and sisters being ethnically cleansed before our very eyes.

We are sitting on top of the pyramid. Half of the world’s population lives on less than $3 a day, an amount that you and I easily spend on a coffee or smoothie. Our earning potential is massive. And in terms of our basic needs, not only do we have food on our table, we are spoilt for choice. Neither do we have to worry about our safety when we go to bed at night.

It’s important for us to remind ourselves that Allah SWT will hold us accountable for everything that we had at our disposal and how we used it. And that’s why that statement was powerful to me.  Whilst we are living in this state, may we be people who maximise it and use our position for the pleasure of Allah.

On Saturday, a truck bomb in Mogadishu Somalia injured over 500 people including over 200 who are dead. Whilst numbers such as these can easily go over our heads, it is important to humanise these deaths and not see them just as statistics. The story below of Maryam Abdullahi who was supposed to graduate on Sunday really hit me when I read it.

Can you imagine a father expectantly arriving to celebrate the graduation of his daughter only to bury her on what is supposed to be a joyous occasion?

My heart cannot fathom the stories of the people that are injured and dead. May Allah SWT grant them the highest station in paradise and grant their families sabr, Ameen.

As you finish reading this post, please do donate to the fundraiser created by Somali Faces here. Remember that the sadaqah you give is for yourself, so even if it is as little as £1, do contribute and May Allah accept it from all of us.

Use your social media to generate awareness and at the minimum continue to pray for the victims, their family and people all around the world.

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