Mental Health Spotlight

Spotlight: Watch Deepika Padukone Explain The Importance of Mental Health Education (World Mental Health Day)

Deepika Padukone is a Bollywood actress and a mental health advocate whose TV interview on her experience with depression changed the conversation about mental health in India. This would be the beginning of her efforts in putting mental health at the forefront of the agenda in India, a country that studies have referred to as ‘The Most Depressed Country.’ In 2015, Deepika also created the Live Love Laugh foundation, as a platform to spread awareness about mental health and connect people to professionals.

At the World Economic Forum, Deepika spoke about the importance of mental health education being included in the school curriculum in the same way that physical education is.  She also touched on the importance of normalising mental health conversations in the workplace.

Today is World Mental Health Day and I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be doing an Insta Live Video from 7 – 8pm today on my Instagram page muslimgirljournal discussing the four topics below:

  1. What’s the face of depression? Depression in High functioning individuals
  2. Mental Health Matters – Declining An Internship
  3. Avoiding Shame in Mental Health Conversations
  4. People/Organisations I love

Do watch this short video of Deepika Padukone by AJ below.

The extended one hour clip is below.

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