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A Powerful Affirmation For Mindfulness and Anxiety

I started reading Russell Brand’s ‘Freedom From Our Addictions’ yesterday and was immediately taken aback when the opening paragraph ended with the sentence ‘You are going to die.’ For some this might have been shocking or outright surprising as we live in a society that induces us into a state of forgetfulness about our ultimate end. For me however, the sentence was a reminder of an ayah in the Qur’an where Allah SWT says;

“Every soul will taste death..” (3:185)

As Muslims we’re cognisant of the fact that our time on earth is limited and not only is death a certainty, it can come upon us at any time. The first chapter of Russell Brand’s book detailing the 12 step programme he used to overcome his addiction focuses on the importance of living in the moment.

“Life is experienced in the present. Beyond today, your projections of life are conceptual.” – Russell Brand, Freedom From Our Addictions

I am someone that is ridden by anxiety, particularly in regards to the future (shout out o everyone graduating next year, you all understand the struggle of having to choose a career) so it was refreshing to read the sentence below.

Today is all I have.

The sentence wasn’t written with the intention of it being an affirmation, but I’ve found myself recalling it to stop myself from being consumed about worries in the future. It’s a powerful reminder to be present. To stay in the moment. To live my best life today because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I’ll continue to use this as an affirmation and fingers crossed it produces the results I want.

What affirmations help you to stay mindful? Blog Signature (1)


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