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Book Review: Muhammad, How He Can Make You Extraordinary by Hesham Al-Awadi


This book tells the story of the Prophet Muhammad as an inspirational role model for anyone who wants to be extraordinary. You will learn about how Muhammad shaped his personality as a child, dealt with the universal challenges of adolescence whilst being a teenager, and then emerged as a leader in his community as a young adult. The book deliberately avoids the language of historical narration used in typical biographies of the Prophet in favour of a more informal, down-to-earth approach. In this book, the reader will get a completely different view of Muhammad and hopefully will see how Muhammad addressed our own daily challenges, inspiring us to excel in confronting these challenges.

The Review

“You have in the Messenger of God a good example.” (33:21)

How much do we know about the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH? The man who Allah SWT has prescribed to us as the best of examples? The one that we are supposed to model our lives against?

The life of the Prophet PBUH is something that I’m very keen to develop my knowledge on and really learn about intimately. I’ve read The Sealed Nectar by Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum and The Messenger by Tariq Ramadan, but this book is quite different because it felt more intimate and personal. What I really love about the book is that it humanises the life experiences of the Prophet PBUH. And draws upon significant moments from his life to inspire readers.

The book is divided into seven chapters, Muhammad’s childhood, family environment, adolescence, young adult, his 40’s and lastly his 50’s. It’s quite a short read (about 2 hours) so each chapter only presents us with details that we need to know about. As mentioned in the blurb, it avoids the language of historical narration which really helps the narrative style.

One of my favourite section of the book was the summaries that each chapter ended with which compared the actions of the Prophet PBUH with our current environment. Looking at the parallels in the challenges that the Prophet faced in his time in comparison with our society was quite fascinating.

“He did not withdraw from his surroundings, but he avoided going down the wrong path that many of his peers were going down.”

His adolescent period was particularly interesting because he hadn’t yet attained prophethood yet there was something very special about his personality and character even then.

“Muhammad was a deeply moral person even before he became Prophet, a trait that of course was further enhanced by becoming Prophet.”

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone regardless of whether they’re Muslim or not and even more so for young adults.

Top Three Quotes

“A wounded lion still knows how to roar.”

“Be aware of the fact that obstacles in your attempts to go astray are a message from God telling you that He loves you and doesn’t want you to join the dark side.”

“The lesson here is to be concerned with issues in your community, and to play a positive role in its evolution, whatever age you are and whatever the nature of your contribution. Rather than thinking you are perhaps too young to make a difference, develop your personality and you will find yourself among older leaders.”


✯✯✯✯- Hooked

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