Recap: SmartBrownGirl Sip, Wit & Chat With Jouelzy

Last Wednesday, I attended ‘Sip, Wit & Chat’ organised by my favourite YouTuber, Jouelzy! If you’re unfamiliar with her, Jouelzy is a content creator and influencer who I believe occupies a unique space in the world of YouTube. Her content covers a variety of topics including mental health, relationships, history and culture. She is also the creative mind behind The Smart Brown Girl movement, which celebrates the diversity of women of colour. Through Smart Brown Girl, Jouelzy has been able to create a space that facilitates critical discussions and inspires women to find power in their voice.

When I heard Jouelzy was coming to London and organising an event, I knew I had to be there! I got the VIP ticket which included an autographed copy of her book “Send It On”, a discount off her Smart Brown Girl merchandise and a professional photograph with her.

The event was a beautiful gathering celebrating sisterhood and it was definitely money well spent! I loved the interactive format of the night and the discussion ranged from learnt behaviour from family, the challenges of pursuing non-traditional careers,  race in Britain to the dynamics of friendship in our lives. Interestingly, the event kicked off with a bit of discussion over the season finale of ‘Insecure’, – a series that I stopped watching after the first episode –  and listening to the conversation in the room was interesting to me because it was apparent that the show strikes a chord with a lot of black women hence its popularity.

This got me thinking about the differences in our experiences as Black women, particularly in regards to my unique experience as a Black Muslim Woman and why it’s important for all of us to occupy spaces where we can tell our stories and share our voices.  I started following Jouelzy because I found her channel and brand to be unique in engaging in critical discussions with young women of colour.  And throughout the event, we talked about the importance of investing in learning our history and sharing our voices with the world.

I love being in spaces of sisterhood where honest and vulnerable discussions happen which was in full supply throughout the night. The conversation surrounding the challenges of pursuing a non-traditional or creative career definitely struck a chord with me. Overall, I had a great night and conversations with amazing people such as LizLizLive (YouTuber) who is an absolute sweetheart, gave my friend and I more insight into the world of YouTube.

Below are some gems that struck out to me from the event.

“Have a group of women you can take advice from.”

“Be vocal about what you need help with and learn to reach out to the right people that can help you.”

“Realise the potential of who you can be even if you’ve never seen it before.”

“Invest in learning about your history and culture. And Invest in others, helping is circular.”

“Know what you want and why you’re going after things.”

“You get to define who you are. Your voice is within you.”

You can watch more of Jouelzy’s content here.

Have you ever thought about joining YouTube? Who Is Your Favourite YouTuber and If you could meet one YouTuber, who would it be and why? 

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