What I’m Learning (Courage & Love) – August 2017

“In Life, We Get What What We Have The Courage To Ask For.” – Oprah

August has been a beautiful and memorable month Alhamdulillah. One of new experiences, connections and discovery.

I am learning that letting go is hard but there is good to be gained from it.

That every experience I go through, good or bad is there to direct me back to God If I let it.

That inspiration hits in the most unexpected places, to always have a notebook at hand and be thankful for moments of clarity.

I am learning that travelling back in time through my memory and journals can be both painful and exhilarating. To, however, continue to record moments through journaling – probably the most invaluable thing I own at this point. To say yes to new experiences and cherish moments of joy and happiness like watching Saro at the Theatre.

I am learning to ask for help when I need it. To take a dive, jump, be courageous and accept that my path is like no other. Learning that foreboding joy is something that I do a lot (Thanks to Brene Brown!) and to choose gratitude instead. I’m learning that I can be impatient with decisions. I spent £200 on Bluehost one night because I got bored with my blog only to rescind on my decision a day after but thankfully got a full refund. And don’t get me started on the train journey that should have taken 15 minutes that ended up taking 30 minutes and had me laughing at myself on the train.

Slow down and breathe I tell myself.

I am learning that love teaches us about ourselves and God. That I am continually enamoured by my mother’s love and the reminders it gives me about God’s love and his mercy for creation. I am learning to be thankful for the love that teaches me about my ego and selflessness. Love that is grounded in love for Allah, offered through prayer and wants nothing but the best for its recipient.

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