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The pain of self discipline is so much better than the pain of regret.


I just read this quote and after struggling with what on Earth to write about recently, I knew I had to reflect on this.


Whenever I think about self disciplined people I think of those who are health freaks, those who take care of their bodies to the maximum or perhaps religious people (not necessarily Muslims) who do extreme acts of self discipline such as no talking or no marriage. To me, these acts would take an enormous amount of self discipline.

But what about you and I, ordinary folk. Are we self disciplined enough?

That answer depends on your expectation of yourself. 

Speaking for myself, I think not. Most of the time, I consider myself quite lazy. But this is my own perception and standard. Have you noticed, each person has their own standard of what they personally consider to be active, lazy, religious..?

Perhaps to someone else, I…

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  1. Hmmm one way i think we can all improve on ‘self discipline’ is to have a log/diary recording what we actually did beneficial that day and then reflect and ask yourself “is this enough?” Or “am I satisfied?”….basically “hold yourself accountable before you’re held accountable, and weigh your deeds before they are weighed for you” -umar bin al khattab

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