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Book Review: Catch Me by Na’ima B Roberts


‘Catch Me’ is a collection of poetry and prose that is at once poignant and powerful. With honesty and passion, celebrated author Na’ima B. Robert takes the reader on a journey where admonitions are potent, wounds are laid bare then swathed, and the soul is soothed with the hope of revival and renewal.

The Review

This poetry collection is moving and beautiful to read! The first poem titled ‘Catch Me’ is unforgettable and a personal favourite. Ranging from addressing the subject of submission, survival, loss and pain, this collection will put you in a reflective mood and move you closer to your Lord. The inclusion of short essays was also a nice touch!

Top Three Quotes 

“Be careful my child,
For this world has devoured
Many  who were proud and wild
And who loved to play with fire.”

‘We have become the ummah of ‘at least’
The community of the barest, barest minimums.’

When the agony of loss
Threatens to throw me from the cliff,
Catch me, Lord.
Catch me.


✯✯✯ – Hit and Miss

Guide to Book Review Rating
✯ – Meh
✯✯ – Read at your own risk
✯✯✯ – Hit and Miss
✯✯✯✯- Hooked
✯✯✯✯✯- Life Companion. Thank me later!

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