Five Times Jumoke Adenowo Got My Life Together In Her King Women Interview

Jumoke Adenowo’s King Women episode was one that left you in fascination and awe of her. A prominent Architect, Philanthropist and Author, Jumoke Adenowo’s interview is one that I have found myself going back to time and time again. Going into a new month, I wanted to share five gems with you all that really resonated with me which is a mighty task considering that every moment of the interview is quote worthy.

On The Importance of Decision Making And Self Belief

The extract below is one that will resonate with a lot of people as the road to self belief can be an arduous one for most. We have big visions and dreams but often don’t believe that we have what it takes to make them come true. Making decisions for one’s future now requires belief in the possibility of that future.

Believe in yourself so that the decisions you take are not for your today but your tomorrow. Today you’re a sum total of all the decisions you’ve taken. What you said No to, what you said yes to brought you to this very moment. What will take you to where you want to go are your decisions so it matters. You Are Like A Book That is On The Table of Contents, Why Are You Behaving As If You’re On Conclusion?

On The Importance of Character and A Strong Work Ethic

It’s not an accident that every great athlete credits their success to consistent hard work! This one right here is a gem. Who you are when you are alone and whether you persist when things are not going according to plan is a true reflection of your character.

It’s not difficult to see potential, it’s analysis of the person’s character. Life does not respond to break throughs and miracles, it responds to principles.

On the Importance of Having A Mentor

This is definitely an advice that a lot of people have mentioned during the King Women series. One aspect of Adeonowo’s speech that stood out was when she mentioned that mentors are not always people you have one to one relationships with. Whenever we think of having a mentor we generally tend to think in this traditional manner. People that you’ve never met can be your mentors in the sense that you can read their books and watch their videos to learn from their experience.

Mediocre people learn from experience, really bright people learn from other’s experience.

On Dimming Your Light For Others Particularly A Husband 

I felt like Jumoke Adenowo was speaking directly to me when she mentioned this! I have always been a vocal advocate for women to be ambitious in the pursuit of their dreams which has earned me the ‘feminist label.’ One that I happily accept. I don’t believe in dimming my light to comfort the ego of a man and far too often our society encourages women to reduce themselves to increase their chances of getting married.

You need to know your purpose very early in life and you need to know where you’re headed. If a guy is intimidated right now by you in your Camry and you’re headed for Range Rovers and Private Jets, it’s not going to last. Be Who You Are. Be Yourself While You’re Waiting To Get Married, That’s What Will Attract The Man That is Right For You. Don’t Dumb Yourself Down.

On Making The Most of Your Talents and Skills
Jumoke Adenowo is the true definition of a multi-potentialite! She is a world renowned architect, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist. I especially love how she grounds her pursuit of excellence in her faith and understanding of God’s blessings.
I want to optimise all the streams of potentials that runs in my life.

Hope these extracts serve as an inspiration to you as we begin a new month. The full video of her interview is below and if you have been watching the King Women series, let me know what your favourite episode has been so far.

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