The One Newsletter You Need To Be Subscribed To

I’ve been getting into newsletters lately and Aida Azlin’s Tuesday Love Letters have been a huge part of my weekly reading over the past few months. It’s almost like she’s a mind reader! I love getting her email notification because her love letters usually arrive at a time when I need them. Plus the personable styles of the letters make it feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend.

Her latest newsletter titled ‘Your Real Other Half’ was so amazing, I immediately shared it on all my social media networks and Whatsapp Group. Below is an extract:

However, there’s a particular pair that got my attention, which is the pairing of our body and our soul. It is unfortunate that we only see the physical casing of ourselves, i.e. the body, but we neglect to acknowledge and remember that we have a soul, our nafs, in us as well. And according to Habib Ali in his book, “the Nafs is the greatest barrier that prevents us from going towards Allah.” 

You can also check out past issues here.

Who is Aida you ask? And why should you be reading her newsletters?


Aida is the founder of The Shawl Label, a lifestyle brand focused on championing and empowering women to be the best version of themselves. She shares her weekly reflections on Tuesday Love Letters and is also the creator of the Woman Up podcast where she discusses various self-improvement topics with co-hosts. A super talented designer and creator, you’re bound to have come across her graphics and beautiful shawls on the internet.

If there’s any particular newsletter you’re enjoying right now, let me know in the comments section.


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