Spotlight: Africa Made You Rich by Mariah Idrissi

It’s truly heartening to see models using their platform to educate and empower others. After attending an event where Mariah spoke a couple of months ago, I genuinely believe she is in a league of her own and it’s exciting to see what she does with her brand and her platform over the coming years!

Africa Made Your Rich is her latest video project which shares a message to educate people who have been fed a misrepresentation of Africa and a message to empower those who have been misrepresented. Check out the themed photoshoots in the build up to the release of the video and the video itself.

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A great invention of mankind was the invention of the calendar by the people of ancient Kemet. Through their close study of the sun, moon and stars, they were able to calculate the flooding of the Nile which was vital to their ability to farm. The Kemites discovered that the movement and position of the sun and the moon had a direct effect on all objects on the planet Earth. From this, the astronomers of Kemet were the first to develop a solar calendar which divided the year into 365 days with 12 months of 30 days each. Civilizations went on to create their own calendars, owing much to the pioneering development in ancient Kemet. Don't be misled by the perception of Africa… #AfricaMadeYouRich #AMUR #1DayToGo 🎉 Scarf – @knots_uk Makeup – @maccosmeticsuk Photographer – @shotbydaliadias

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