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Register To Vote!

Today is the deadline to register to vote and 3.7 million people who are eligible to vote have not yet registered. Registering to vote is very easy and it is important that we all take part in this election. If you haven’t registered yet, just click on this link. Your vote matters and don’t be deluded otherwise. Below is an extract from an article on Amaliah addressing five reasons why some Muslims don’t vote.

Responses to 5 ‘I’m not voting because…’ statements

  1. I’m not voting because I don’t care about politics:

In reality, voting has little to do with politics, and more to do with your healthcare. Your education. Your housing prices. Your religious freedom. Your children. Your future. Do you care about those things? The people who will be voted into power, will have the power to change any of those things. Do you care enough about your life and your future to be a part of that change?

You can read the rest of the post on Amaliah here.


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