The Best of Black Twitter’s Reaction to Pepsi’s Advert

Usually I don’t post on things like this, because I genuinely believe that a lot of companies have now bought into the marketing strategy of ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’ and as a result, there have been several instances where it’s been apparent that companies (including news outlets) commission adverts or articles just to incite outrage and get people talking about their products. Usually this strategy works for most companies, but unfortunately for Pepsi they were not in luck and the social media outrage and backlash has led to them announcing this evening that the advert will be rolled back. So it’s a win! Of course, you can trust Twitter to provide some laughs in the midst of the criticism so I just wanted to share a few with you.

And for the people who don’t understand the outrage, just understand that people of colour especially Black women in this instance are not laying down their lives and their bodies for a company to co-opt their struggle to sell soda, and in the process have the effrontery to use a white woman to do it? Lastly, I need companies to respect Muslim consumers. We’re not stupid. Placing a Hijabi (Muslim woman) in your advert with no real significance does nothing. Stop making adverts that just tick inclusivity boxes and have no real meaning attached to it.