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Oh, Hi There

Asalaam Alaykum Everyone! (peace and blessings upon you all).

At the risk of sounding like a You Tuber, I can’t believe it has been over a month! I was supposed to take a two -week break from the end of August to early September while I was at Oxford for a Leadership programme but before a two-week break turns into two months, I had to get this post out!

Firstly, I miss writing and interacting with you all in this space. Secondly, I had to write this because I’ve promised RockylifeofaMuslimah that I would post for the past three weeks and I decided to uphold that promise today. As mentioned earlier, I participated in a Muslim Leadership programme for two weeks towards the end of August, and it was such an amazing experience full of many learning experiences. For me, it was also challenging emotionally and mentally, but I’m grateful because I learnt so much about myself. In the first few days, at various points, I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I applied too early for this programme’ which essentially was me questioning my presence in a place that Allah SWT put me in as I wouldn’t have gotten in otherwise. Your presence in a place is never an accident, and Allah SWT has put you where you are right now because there is something for you to learn and take away from it. And sure enough, half way through after a triggering experience, the realisation of why I was on the programme dawned on me as I was watching Wes Moore’s interview on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday. The quote below particularly stuck with me.

“We are never in a room that we don’t belong in. Whatever room that we’re in, we’re not in that room because of someone’s benevolence or because of someone’s social experiment, we are in that room because we belong there. And we then have to have that confidence, that not only do we belong there but we’re not just there for wallpaper.”- Wes Moore

Usually, I post my recap and reflections posts after events / programmes, but I’ve decided to post my journals in August next year and you will find out why then. Lastly, it was such a blessing to be surrounded by twenty-three inspiring Muslims who have given me memories that I will hold dear and I pray that Allah SWT allows us all to benefit others with the knowledge that we gained.

However, the main reason why I haven’t frequently been writing is that I’ve recently started uni, and it’s crazy that I’m about to start Week 3 because time is just flying by! As always uni consumes everything. From attending lectures and classes to doing problem sets and handling my other roles and responsibilities, I wake up with to do lists and go to bed with to do lists. Quite frankly it’s a miracle I’m not dreaming in to do lists. I won’t be posting regularly as I did during the holidays and in fact, I wrote this one on my commute home.

I am starting to establish a routine, and hopefully, by Week six (sometime in November) I should have hit my stride and some consistency. In the meantime, I want to publish a couple of things by the end of October hence the schedule below, so I can be publicly accountable and hopefully get them done.

  1. 3 Series Post on How MuslimGirlJournal Started by Friday 14th October
  2. Black History Month Series
    • What Black History Month Means to Me by Saturday 22nd October
    • My Letter (poem) to Serena Williams as part of LSE Black History Month by 23rd October
    • Black Women That Inspire Me by Monday 24th October
  3. Smart Network by Saturday 15th October
  4. Quotivation Letters by Week of 17th to 23rd October
  5. Review of Memoirs of a Young African by Wednesday 26th October

Hope everyone is well and welcome to all my new readers!




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