Audible Reflections Podcasts 4 – 7 | Ramadan 2016 series

Salaam Alaikum!

I’ve been really bad with updating the blog with the podcasts but I’m back on it now Alhamdulilah. I hope Ramadan is going well for everyone and it’s unbelievable that we’re in the last 10 days. In sha Allah the podcasts below are useful for your preparations in these blessed nights.


In the 4th podcast of Audible reflections Zahra Zakariya introduces the story of The Slander of Aisha and  her reflections on one of particular incident during this saga.  This podcast is sure to revive you and give you the fuel you need to face any trial with positivity and hope in Allah.

“I chose this story because it really struck a chord in my heart and is a story which so many of us can relate to. There are times in our lives when we feel so alone, so at loss, so helpless… This story teaches us that we are never alone! Allahu Musta’an… Allah is the Best of Helpers and through displaying a beautiful patience, tuning to Him in our time of need and putting all our trust in Him, He will surely come to our aid” 


In the 5th podcast of Audible Reflections Umm Saliha reflects upon a surprising moment in the seerah. This podcast will make you think critically about your own character and your interactions with others. You will learn how the Prophet, the best of all examples, dealt with people’s wrongdoing and advised them.

“Imagine this, you’re sitting in the masjid and an A’arabi, a Bedouin, enters the masjid, goes to a corner, removes his trousers and urinates… You can imagine how angry the Sahabah become, but what does the Prophet do?”


In this special episode of Audible Reflections, Zahra, Mahmoudat and Umm Saliha are in the studio discussing their Ramadan so far, what they’ve enjoyed, how they are preparing for Laylatul-Qadr and how they plan to incorporate the good habits developed during the Holy month into their lives all year round.


In the 7th podcast of Audible Reflections, Mahmoudat reflects upon a story about repentance from the life of Prophet Musa AS. This podcast will definitely help you to ponder on the importance of repentance and self accountability and the benefit of always taking responsibility for your actions.

“This is a story that perfectly captures the impact that our sins can have on the Ummah as well as the importance of repenting and turning back to Allah. It’s important that for us as Muslims never to lose hope in the mercy of Allah.”

There are also resources and further suggestions on the blog for each podcast. Don’t forget to leave comments with YOUR reflections based on these stories and moments from the Qur’an and Seerah. We would love to hear them. 



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