Audible Reflections Podcast 2 & 3 | Ramadan 2016 Series

Salaam Alaikum!

I pray that Ramadan is going well for all of you. I recently announced that I was doing a Audible Reflections podcast series with Umm Fariha Network over Ramadan and you can listen to the first one on writing meaningful Ramadan goals here. The second podcast titled, Loving Allah’s Command and the third, Connecting With Allah are now live on the blog.

In this episode of Audible Reflections our guest presenter Umm Saliha reflects upon Surah Taha, ayah 17 – 21.

“I’ve chosen 5 amazing ayaat from Surah Taha which I feel have really revolutionised my outlook on life… This Surah focuses and expands on the story of Prophet Musa and his people. This is the famous moment where Allah speaks directly to Prophet Musa and we are given an intimate insight into this beautiful conversation between a noble slave and his Lord”

“There are many things in life that we will love…but the minute that Allah takes it from us, or instructs us to leave that thing, we need to make sure that we are patient and follow those instructions- Allah must be a priority in our lives”


In this episode of Audible Reflections, Mahmoudat reflects upon the 11th ayah of Surah Tahreem which records the dua of Asiya (RA).

“I’ve chosen the story of Asiya (RA) and her dua because of the impact that her strength and courage has on me. Her dua is also important for us to derive lessons about what our ultimate objective should be in this world”.

Whatever we give up for Allah will be rewarded with something far better whether it is in this world or the Hereafter.

There are also resources and further suggestions on the blog for each podcast. Don’t forget to leave comments with YOUR reflections based on these stories and moments from the Qur’an and Seerah. We would love to hear them. 



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