My Friday gratitude this week is: Joy/ Happiness 

Alhamdulilah this week I managed to make it out of my house for three days! If you’re wondering why this is such an achievement read my previous post on Reasons Why I know I am an Introvert. This week was amazing for many reasons. Firstly,  I spent quality time with my family on Monday (bank holiday), had some me time on Tuesday and then spent time with friends from Wednesday till today. Despite the amazing week in general my gratitude focus is on today.

I was ready to leave my house around 12.30 pm but then my mum called me to tell me that Serena was playing badly in her semi-final match at French Open Grand Slam. Anyone who knows me knows I am an obsessive tennis fan. I watch football once in a while but tennis is my number one sport (I’m desperately looking for a tennis buddy). Anyway, the match was compelling and I had to watch the whole match for moral support and to cheer Serena on (not that she knows but it’s alright). It’s amazing what brings us joy and tennis always brings out the childish and fun side of me. My brother even compared my reactions today to my 3 year old cousin’s. Not sure that’s a good thing but I don’t care. I was dancing, fist pumping, doing some cheer-leading moves, everything imaginable with every point that Serena got. It was a tough day in the office for her and I was so glad she closed out the match in straight sets. I am super excited for the final with Garbine Muguruza tomorrow who I’ve been a big fan of ever since the Wimbledon final match in 2015 with Serena. At such a young age Garbine Muguruza has a game that reminds me of Serena’s, the firepower in her shot making is incredible! I am going to be Team Muguruza when Serena Williams retires but in the meantime I will be sporting my Queen Serena sweatshirt tomorrow. Until she retires, she remains the number one female tennis player in my eyes.

The best part of my day was undoubtedly spending time with my sisters With Love From Ola and Rocky life of a muslimah. I won’t even attempt to describe the moments of laughter today because there were too many. This week was just full of genuine joy and laughter.

So Lesson of the week: It’s important to remember Allah during moments of joy and happiness and express gratitude to him. Never wait until a trial strikes you before you remember Allah. Allah is Ash-Shakur (The Rewarder of thankfulness) so continually express your gratitude to him in all moments of your life.

And that He it is Who makes (men) laugh and makes (them) weep;

Qur’an 53:43

Hope you all had a great week.




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